Help save the Mary River and the Great Sandy Strait from the proposed Traveston Crossing Dam.

There are far better options for Brisbane's water

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Mary Estuary at High Risk - comprehensive scientific report

The latest estuarine health study on the rivers of the Wide Bay region has just been published.

In summary:

The estuary of the most 'developed' river in the region, the Burnett, is severly degraded (D condition), and rated as being at EXTREME risk from human activities.

The Mary estuary is the next most degraded  (C+ condition) and rated as at HIGH risk from further human activities.

The Dambusters Newsletter - July 2009 Edition

The Dambusters is now online.  Highlights in this issue include:

Horrific fish kill ...p 2

Fundraising raffles...p3

Desal a viable alternative...p3

Dugong candle spectacular...p4

Calendar of upcoming events...p6

Submission to the EPBC Act bilateral agreement between the state and federal government

The federal government has called for public comment on the existing bilateral agreement between the federal government and the Qld state government concerning the assessment of projects under the federal Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation (EPBC) act.

Lungfish killings: on-line campaign

Read more about the recent lungfish deaths at North Pine Dam, and do your part  to send a message to the state and federal governments to ensure that the last remaining stronghold for this iconic species  in the Mary River is not destroyed by yet another killer spillway.  

Do It Now!  

(This takes you to the online campaign at,  it will only take a minute of your time) 

Video summary (New)

Making your dollar go further for Paradise

Consider this.  Just imagine you had $500.  Presumably you got it as income  which means it isn't really all  yours, some of it will have to go to the tax  office.  If your income is less than $30 000  you'd lose $75 of it. Should your income be a little more, say up to $75 000, you'd lose $150 of  it, up to $150 000, the slice would  be $200, while if you were in the fortunate position of having a taxable income over this, you'd lose $225 of your original $500.

State Budget Update

Following the release of the State Budget on the 16th June, the SaveTheMaryRiver Coordinating Group has been busily investigating the implications for the Mary River. Here is a summary of the answers that we have been able to get from the State Government...

The Dambusters Newsletter - June 2009 Edition

The Dambusters is now online.  Highlights in this issue include:

Extensive President’s Report...p 1

Sandy Strait declared a Biosphere Reserve...p 2

Joint meeting outcomes ...p 3

GMA Open Letter...p 4

Mary River Brownwater Classic...p 5

Upcoming events...p 6

Anna Argyroudi's research on the Traveston Crossing Dam proposal

Anna Argyroudi, our Swedish student visitor has presented the findings of her 4 months research on the Traveston Crossing Dam proposal for her Masters thesis as part of the Master Programme of integrated Water Resources Management in SLU University of Uppsala/Sweden, the agricultural university for Sweden. A pdf of her presentation is attached.

Template to use in preparing submissions for supplementary EIS

Here is a useful template for preparing submissions for issues not addressed in the supplementary EIS and addendums in preparation in case we get a 10 day public submission period to Peter Garrett .  Please send any issues that are concerning you through to

GMA Invite to "Our Dugong Yuwang'kan" 6th June 2009

Celebrate Reconciliation Week and World Environment Day 2009
by helping create a large-scale image of "Our Dugong Yuwang'kan"

Yuwang'kan (pronounced u-wonk-gaan) is Butchulla (local Aboriginal language) name for Dugong.

SATURDAY 06 JUNE Dayman Park Urangan

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