800,000 Queenslanders won't die of thirst without Traveston - QWC

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"A new approach to integrated, sustainable water supply planning in SEQ"

This is what is promised  in the newly released SEQ Water strategy released on Friday 20th November 2009. Following Peter Garrett's historic decision to euthanase the unsustainable Traveston Dam project, a new broom of forward-thinking seems to have quickly swept through the Water Commission. Lets hope that the change in attitude implicit in the new strategy is followed in practice.  Read the strategy here: http://www.qwc.qld.gov.au.  


It is great to see that the Water Commission now believes that is possible to provide a sustainable and secure water future for SEQ without Traveston Crossing Dam.  This is what SaveTheMaryRiver has been saying for the last three and half years.  We never really believed that 800,000 Queenslanders would die of thirst if the Traveston Crossing Dam wasn't built.  In fact it is hard to believe that anyone would be sucked in by such a ridiculous piece of hillbilly logic.

The adaptive and consultative approach outlined in the new strategy is a great step forward.  Lets keep the government honest to the promises made in this document, so we never end up suffering from another complete and utter debacle like the Traveston Crossing Dam project.