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Public Comment needed on EPBC assessment agreement between Qld and Federal Governments.

 The federal government has called for public comment on the exisiting bilateral agreement between the federal government and the Qld state government  concerning the assessment of projects under the federal Environmental Protection and Biodiersity Conservatio (EPBC) act.

Gone with the flow.

A well-written letter extracted from the on-going correspondance published in the Gympie Times, -directly based on the downstream flow data published in the Environmental Impact Statement for the proposed dam .....

Upgraded Bruce Highway still within proposed dam

The most comprehensive information yet made available about the planned Bruce Highway upgrade between Sankey's Road  and Traveston Road is now available on the Federal Government's EPBC website.  The documents which accompany the referral of the project to the Federal Government under the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act contain the best information available  so far about the State Government's current plans for this section of the highway.  It is interesting to note that in several places the new highway route passes right through the proposed stage 2 inundation zone of the Traveston Crossing Dam proposal.

DPI Ag-Industry network meeting - Kandanga, 14th March

See attached flyer



The decision has been made to proceed with the eastern route for the Bruce Highway between Federal and Traveston Road, regardless of whether or not the dam project gains federal approval. The public's preferred route in the case of the dam project not being approved was along the existing alignment, but a review undertaken by main roads had concluded that the eastern route is their preferred route in any case.

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